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Clarkston Community School District

Templates & Branding

Presentation Slides

We provide a district branded slide deck template for creating day-to-day presentations. Please consider this template whenever you are presenting to parents or external audiences for the consistent and professional delivery of information.

Make a Copy to customize these slides.

These templates can also be found in the Google Slides Template Gallery. Open Google Slides and then select "File" > "New" > "From Template."




Download this template when you have a professional letter, memo, or other communication to share. Don't forget to swap out your department or building phone number and address!

"Make a Copy" to customize this document.

Email Signature

Branded Gmail Signature

Email signatures can perform a range of functions, both administrative and promotional. Helping staff create a simple, short signature to by balancing out these functions is the goal of this guide.

Signatures should:

  • give basic information about you and your role, demonstrating legitimacy.
  • provide alternative contact information (like a web address or a phone number)
  • be simple:
    • Complicated information may be ignored.
    • Complicated formatting and design may well not appear as expected (or at all) when your recipient views your message.
    • Shorter, simple messages save network bandwidth and save paper if printed.

Signatures should not:

  • provide personal information or reflect personal opinions or tastes.
  • include personal images, attachments, colors, special fonts or other HTML formatting.

Sample Signature

John Q. Smith, Administrator
Clarkston Community Schools
6389 Clarkston Road
Clarkston, MI 48346
Office: (248) 623-5400
Mobile: (248) 555-5000
Fax: (248) 623-5450

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Pro Tip

Consider adding a professional photo of yourself to your Gmail account under "Settings" to help parents and district colleagues put a face with a name.


Short Links

Custom CCS URL "Short Links"

We can create custom URL "Short Links" to any web page on our site. Shortened URLs are useful in places where you have limited space for text, such as publications, emails, and social media. They're also easier to remember and refer to when you're directing students and parents to a page.

An example of a custom short link is:
instead of using that page's full link:

Both go to the same page!

Email Mary Ellen Rowe, Marketing Director at to request a short link.