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Social Media Engagement

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    Social Media Best Practices

    Social media is a lasting and dependable two-way communications tool for Clarkston Community Schools, and as such, should reflect the unique voices of each of our respective buildings, clubs, and programs while following district standards for branding, professionalism, grammar, and writing style. These guidelines provide a framework for our engagement with the public on social media.

    Personal Social Media Accounts

    • Faculty and staff should not contradict the district’s mission nor violate any district policies in their public personal social media use, and are expected to maintain the same level of professionalism and transparency that they would display in the school setting.

    Social Media for Clubs, Programs, and Teams

    • If you would like to create a public social media account for a district club, program, team, or other group using the Clarkston Community Schools name or logo, please email to share the goals of the account, and your plans for managing it.
    • Posts must be in good taste and conform with district guidelines for generally accepted rules of online etiquette.

    Contribute to District Social Media Channels

    • Email ideas and photos for posts to We may not be able to post everything we receive, but we might be able to use your content elsewhere.
    • Email links to articles of interest on topics that support our mission and values to (Examples: education, parenting, well-being, academic growth, etc.)
    • If you or a faculty member in your building is teaching a creative lesson that ties into a holiday or current event, or has unique knowledge, personal experience, or a connection to a current event that could become a timely post, share it with us at
    • Include a high-quality photo and/or a link, if possible.
    • Consider “liking” our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and posts from your personal account.


    Mary Ellen Rowe, Marketing Director
    P: 248.623.5460