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ASL Resources for Teachers

Clarkston's Project Design


Inspire. Empower. Engage.

Use the tools and process below to guide your project from design, implementation to evaluation / reflection.


Rolling Deadline- send to your building Liaison for initial review

This document uses the IPARDC process to help you organize your project. Whether funds are requested or not, this tool will help you design an effective project for you and your students.

Click Here for Project Design Template

Send you completed project to your building liaison for feedback.  Then, send a final draft to Christine Rogers for final review.



Promote the great work you and your students are engaged in. Plan to post photos on Facebook, Instagram and / or Twitter.

Contact Clarkston News and other media organizations with your celebration date.

Invite your administrator, colleagues, student families, Board of Education members and community partners to your project celebration.



For Funding Approved Project Design Overviews

If your Project Design Overview was approved with funding, you will need to consider reimbursement process.

If using your credit card/cash:

  • Use your school’s TAX ID. The grant does not reimburse sales tax.
  • Complete Supply Reimbursement form and send it via interoffice mail to Christine Rogers at CHS. Click here for the Supply Reimbursement form. Deadline for spending reimbursement 4/30.

If purchasing online:

  • If you pay with your credit card, follow steps above, however TAX ID may not work for every site.
  • If your office staff has purchased items for your project, have them contact Christine Rogers for account number to reconcile the school’s credit card payment. Deadline for school credit card purchases is April 30th.


May 21, 2020, 6:30pm - 7:30pm Clarkston Junior High School

Teachers, students, families and community partners are invited to join us in celebrating our Academic Service Learning experiences.


Professional Learning

We offer professional learning experiences that best fit each educator's journey! We offer levels of learning at our district along with workshops & seminars at conferences.

Each workshop provides TIME to design, plan, and create your project.

2019-2020 Workshop Offerings

ASL 101 - Dive Right In! Intern Monday, November 4th, 12-3

Introduction to ASL for student-teachers. Learn the characteristics and goals of these engaging and meaningful classroom projects.  Attendees will get resources, guidance, and help to turn their ideas into projects.  

ASL 101 - Dive Right In! Tuesday, November 5th, 8-3

Introduction to ASL. Learn the characteristics and goals of these engaging and meaningful classroom projects.  Attendees will get resources, examples, support, and time to plan their projects.

ASL 201 - Fun & Challenging, Service with Blessing in a Backpack Tuesday, October 29, 8-3

Recharge your spirit and get inspired to help your students make a difference in the community.  This workshop begins the day helping with Blessings in a Backpack and continues at Central Office with a review of ASL characteristics, ideas to improve projects, and time to plan.  

ASL 301 - Connecting & Elevating Tuesday, November 12, 8-3 OR Wednesday, January 22, 8-3

Make existing projects more meaningful and effective, or create an amazing new one.  Spend the day refining projects using PBL strategies, reviewing comprehensive reflection resources, and collaborating with community groups.  The afternoon includes collaboration and planning time.

*NEW* ASL 401 Publishing (Invitation only) Secondary, Tuesday, November 19, 12-3 OR Elementary, Thursday, November 21, 12-3

Take existing projects to the next level.   Highly effective projects will be elevated to continue benefiting students, but will be formatted to be published in trade journals or as a resource to be distributed state-wide and at the National Service Learning Conference.



Questions?  Email Christine Rogers


All workshops are at Central Office and led by Clarkston teachers.

Full-day workshops include an hour for lunch (on your own or as a group).

Absence Reason - Learn and Serve

Workshop Time & Location

8:00am - 3:00pm

Clarkston Community Schools Board Office

Cost: Free






Reflection Tools

Global Thinking Reflections- Elevated COT ideas connected to global learning.  3 Whys, Step In-Step Out-Step Back, How Else and Why, and Circles of Action (excellent and quick ideas)

Drawing Reflections- using art as a way for dtudents to think about and communicate their experience.  

Plus/Delta and Even Better Is  (EBIS) - guided visual reflection and a mid-point critique strategy.

Tool Kit for timed reflection ideas -(4) 15-60 second activities,  (5) 1-5 minute ideas, (16) 5-30 minute reflections.  (cool ideas you haven't heard of)

Sketch Map- visual reflection of learning process, allows for deeper thinking and sharing (kids love this one).  Unable to load a pdf.  Ask your liaison and we can get you a copy!  

Dialogue Tools Card game- interactive, varied thought-generator activity 

ASL in CCS specific COT activites-  tried and true OG ones.

Good Reflection Writing/Sharing Questions- giving kids a structured starting place for written reflection

What, So What, Now What- guided reflection actitivites that allow for deeper thinking and reflection.  

Journaling methods- Structured journaling   




Michigan Academic Standards - When filling out your Project Design Overview, copy the standard and paste it into your document.


Kids Helping Kids - Focuses on how children can help with hunger through Gleaners Food Bank.

Learning to Give **- Search this resource warehouse for lesson ideas and support.

Youth Service America** - Youth Changing the World through Kindness. EXCELLENT project ideas: search by cause, length, topic .

Oakland County Parks - Check out their calendar and upcoming events. Many partner opportunities are available.

Random Acts of Kindness** - Website with wonderful service opportunities and ideas. They have a link for specific plans that could be valuable for K-8 ASL projects.

Season of Service (SOS) - Projects organized by national holidays and other days of celebration.

FUNDING - - -Similar to a go fund me pages.

Learning to Give - Mini grants available for projects. Rolling deadlines, due on the 22nd of each month. Current listing of educational grants with the goal of helping teachers find and secure the resources available to help them to educate children. Also lists fundraising ideas and connections to grant writers and writing resources. - Good, searchable site. With an ASL search category and a lot of science grant opportunities.

Youth Service America - Grant with various community partners available.