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Learning Feedback Documents Now Online

Learning Feedback Documents Now Online

Learning Feedback Documents (LFDs) for elementary school students are now available to access through your ParentVUE account!

The LFD is part of our 'System of Assessment and Reporting' (SOAR), which provides an ongoing dialogue between teachers, students and parents about individual learning and growth. Our reporting system consists of multiple resources for parents, teachers and students to use and access. These tools are designed and implemented so that continuous feedback is provided for teachers, parents and students. It is imperative that a learning system provides every student opportunities to demonstrate and celebrate his or her learning and receive feedback on his or her learning progress. In addition, the system fosters an environment so that parents know specific learning progress for their children. Read more about SOAR here.

How to access your child's Learning Feedback Document in ParentVue

  1. Once logged into ParentVUE, select your child by clicking on his or her picture.
  2. Click on the "Report Card" tab on the left side of the screen. The Essential Understandings and Learnings for each Content Area will then be displayed. Your child's LFD will appear under Semester 2 - S2-LFD.
  3. To view the LFD in its entirety, click on "Click Here to View Report Card" at the top of the screen.

Please note: LFDs will be available to view and print until July 1, when we switch over to the 2018-2019 school year (more information to come on our upcoming ParentVue system migration).

If you have not accessed your ParentVUE account recently, please take this opportunity to login and familiarize yourself with your child's portal account, as this is our main communication throughout the school year and important documents are found here.

If you have questions about logging into to ParentVue or are having difficulty accessing your child's Learning Feedback Document. please contact our Synergy Support Help Desk at