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Clarkston Community School District

From Superintendent Ryan: Happy Holidays!

From Superintendent Ryan: Happy Holidays!

Dear Clarkston Community Schools Families,

I have been a student, teacher, or school administrator for all but the first four or five years of my life, and I've got to say — there is almost nothing that beats the feeling of sprinting for the door toward a two-week holiday break! We made it.

When our students and staff leave our campuses today, their time is their own and I hope it is filled with whatever makes the season special to them. I am reminded that holiday customs and celebrations look different from family to family. I have such an appreciation for the richness that these traditions bring to the fabric of our community.

Who better than our international and bilingual students to share some of the customs they bring to Clarkston this holiday season? I hope you enjoy the five-minute video below (How do you celebrate holidays in your culture? - Clarkston Community Schools ESL Department) as much as I did. It's a broadcast well worth watching, especially at a time when almost everything else on the screen seems to be polarizing. Thank you to CHS sophomore Junya Tomonari, and the Clarkston ESL Department for creating this inspiring piece!

The world is so small, and we are all connected. When we seek to understand the diverse cultures around us, we are closer to making everyone feel like they are truly home for the holidays.

I wish you and your family a joyful holiday season!


Shawn Ryan
Superintendent of Schools