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Clarkston Community School District

Clarkston Business Professionals of America (BPA) Students Head to Nationals

Ten Clarkston Community Schools students recently competed in the Business Professionals of America 2018 State Leadership Competition, and seven students have qualified for Nationals! Andrew Dimmer placed in an unprecedented seven events at states - a record for the CHS Chapter! Andrew also was one of two students at this event to be awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

Meanwhile, Nathan Dimmer became the first Clarkston freshman to compete in BPA, thereby making him the first to qualify for states, and now for nationals!

Congratulations to our Clarkston BPA chapter advisor Ron Conwell and students:

  • Heather Burrum
  • Andrew Dimmer
  • Nathan Dimmer
  • McKinley Edwards
  • Kylie Kalinowski
  • Thomas McCarty
  • Cole Mitchell
  • David Moss
  • Farhiya Osman
  • Sage Paris

Statesman Torch Award

  • Andrew Dimmer
  • Nathan Dimmer
  • Kylie Kalinowski


  • Andrew Dimmer

Computer Networking Technology

  • 1st place - Andrew Dimmer

Network Administration using Microsoft

  • 2nd place - Andrew Dimmer

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting

  • 3rd place - Nathan Dimmer

Visual Basic/C# Programming

  • 4th place - McKinley Edwards
  • 7th place - Kylie Kalinowski

Personal Financial Management

  • 6th place - Cole Mitchell

Information Technology Concepts

  • Gold - Andrew Dimmer
  • Silver - Nathan Dimmer

Business Meeting Management Concepts

  • Gold - Andrew Dimmer
  • Bronze - Sage Paris

Financial Math & Analysis Concepts

  • Bronze - Andrew Dimmer
  • Bronze - David Moss

Computer Programming Concepts

  • Bronze - Andrew Dimmer

Management, Marketing and Human Resources Concepts

  • Bronze - Andrew Dimmer

Business Professionals of America is the premier CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, information technology, finance, office administration and other related career fields.

With 45,000 members in over 1,800 chapters across 25 states and Puerto Rico, BPA is a co-curricular organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards.

As a co-curricular activity, Business Professionals of America has the ability to enhance student participation in professional, civic, service and social endeavors. Business Professionals of America members participate in these activities to accomplish its goals of self-improvement, leadership development, professionalism, community service, career development, public relations, student cooperation and safety and health.

A major program of Business Professionals of America is the Workplace Skills Assessment Program (WSAP). The WSAP prepares students to succeed and assesses real world business skills and problem solving abilities in finance, management, IT and computer applications. It is BPA's showcase program and facilitates students demonstrating their career skills at regional, state and national conferences in more than 90 competitive events.

About Clarkston Community Schools: Clarkston is a highly regarded school district with an enrollment of nearly 8,000 students. We have seven elementary schools (K-5), one middle school serving grades 6-7, one junior high for grades 8-9, and Clarkston High School, which serves students in grades 10-12. We also have an Early Childhood Center serving children ages 3-5, and an alternative high school/community education facility. Each Clarkston Community Schools' student is fully engaged in a globally focused education, from preschool through graduation, that fosters in students a sense of self, perspective, responsibility/ownership, and contribution. The mission of Clarkston Community Schools is to cultivate thinkers, learners and positive contributors to a global society.

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