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Be a Clarkston Champion

Be a Clarkston Champion

Have you ever wondered how or why decisions are made that affect our kids' future? Do you wish you could have a voice in shaping that future? If so, we invite you to become a Clarkston Champion.

Clarkston Champions are a new effort led by Clarkston Community Schools to build and coordinate our relationships and connections with the decision-makers who create and enact laws that impact our students and schools.

It has never been more important to speak up on behalf of our kids, schools and community. The good news is you don't need to be an advocacy expert to talk about what's best for our kids! Whether you are a student, staff member, parent or community member, your voice and passion are all that is needed to make a difference.

School board members will lead a workshop on Tuesday, May 1 to introduce the art of effective advocacy, how the legislative process works (and when we can have the most influence), and the many ways you can help fight for what's best for Clarkston's kids, schools and community.

Are you ready to be a Clarkston Champion?

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