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Theatre Arts

The Positive Impact of Theatre Education on Children

Drama Masks

Theatre training encourages engagement and has a positive impact on academic, emotional and social development. Kids who participate in theatre programs take a unique set of skills with them throughout their lives, making them more creative, confident and productive individuals. But the best part of getting involved in Clarkston theatre programs is that they're fun!

A Role for everyone

  • Children's Theatre
  • Dramatics
  • Play Production
  • Advanced Acting
  • Mime
  • Technical Theatre
  • Scenic Design
  • Stage Lighting
  • Costuming
  • Promotion
Performance picture of students in Newies

"There's nothing quite as dark as a blacked-out stage. Stand for five minutes center stage, alone, and the darkness and the silence can spook you. They say every theatre has a ghost, and I believe it. Standing there, you can't help hearing voices after a time. I hear them, anyway...And when the last show of the last production is over, and everyone has gone home, it makes me feel (like right now) as if I have just lost my best friend. It makes me feel how beautiful things could be, if life were only one long production in which we were all consummately involved."
Excerpts from Giving Up the Ghost by Lou Korty
(Read at the end of every musical theatre production at Clarkston High School)