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Ready for Kindergarten?

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Calling all 2018-2019 Kindergartners and Young Fives!

If your child turns five (5) years old on or before September 1, 2018 (or as late as December 1 with a signed waiver), he/she is eligible to attend our Young Fives Program or Kindergarten for 2018-2019 school year.

In the Fall of 2018, Clarkston Community Schools will continue to offer two options for parents of Kindergarteners:

  • Kindergarten - Full-day Kindergarten is offered at every elementary school.
  • Young Fives Program - Young Fives Program is available for students who turn five years old between June 1 and December 1, 2018. Young Fives is a full-day program offered at our elementary sites with the exception of Bailey Lake and North Sashabaw pending K-5 enrollment capacity. Students that attend Young Fives go to their home school the following year for regular Kindergarten.

2018-2019 Kindergarten & Young Fives Enrollment Now Open

Kindergarten & Young Fives FAQs

Who should attend our Young Fives Program?

If a child turns five years old between June 1– September 1, 2018 (or Dec. 1 with a signed waiver), he/she is eligible to attend Kindergarten or our Young Fives Program. It is Clarkston’s practice that students turning five years old between September 1 and December 1 to attend our Young Fives program to develop:

  • Confidence
  • Social skills
  • Oral language development
  • Motor skills
  • Attention span
  • Independence
  • School readiness

Our Young Fives Program is a full-day program with classes located at our elementary sites. Children who attend our Young Fives Program, attend Kindergarten in their home school the following year.

I am unsure about which option is best for my child. Who should I talk to?

Please contact the principal of the building your child will (or may) be attending. They will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have.

How do I enroll my child?

Enrollment begins February 12, 2018. To ensure attendance at your home school Orientation, please enroll your child by April 13, 2018. Enrollment forms are available online at Click on “Enroll.” Completed enrollment forms and supporting documents must be presented at your scheduled appointment time. Please print and complete enrollment documents and schedule an appointment online to register your child for fall enrollment. Your appointment will take place at our Central Enrollment office located at the Clarkston Schools’ Administration Building, 6389 Clarkston Rd.

Is transportation provided for children enrolled in our Young Fives Program?

Children attending Young Fives at your home school will be provided district transportation. District transportation is provided to children living more than one mile from their home school. Parents will be required to provide transportation for children attending Young Fives outside of their home school attendance area.

After I choose an option, can I change my mind prior to school starting?

Please contact your home school to discuss this placement decision.

How does the In-District School of Choice process work?

Parents may request that their child attend a Clarkston school outside of their home-school attendance area. Parents must complete an “In-District School of Choice Request” and submit it to the Central Enrollment Office. Parents will be notified by August 15 regarding the status of their request. Approvals for School of Choice are based on class size, and transportation is not provided for “In-District School of Choice” students.

What is Kindergarten and Young Fives Orientation?

Kindergarten and Young Fives Orientations are times for parents to bring their future Kindergarten or Young Fives student to their enrolled school. Parents are expected to attend Orientation with their child after their enrollment process is complete. At Orientation, students spend time with teachers listening to a story, drawing, playing, and getting to know other children. Parents receive information about the school and the Kindergarten or Young Fives day.

Kindergarten Orientation dates (approx. 2 hours during the school day):

Andersonville Elementary - April 27
Bailey Lake Elementary - April 23
Clarkston Elementary - April 19
Independence Elementary - April 24
North Sashabaw Elementary - April 30
Pine Knob Elementary - April 26
Springfield Plains Elementary - April 25

Young Fives Orientation dates (6-7pm):

Andersonville Elementary - May 15
Clarkston Elementary (with North Sashabaw Elementary) - May 16
Independence Elementary - May 9
Pine Knob Elementary (with Bailey Lake Elementary) - May 10
Springfield Plains Elementary - May 1

If I cannot attend Kindergarten or Young Fives Orientation at my child’s school, what should I do?

If Circumstances prevent your from attending your home school orientation, parents and children may attend Orientations at any of the elementary schools. The program is similar at each school. Please call the school to notify them of your attendance.

If my student is currently in Young Fives, do I have to re-enroll them for Kindergarten?

The enrollment process does not have to be done again if your student is currently in the Young Fives Program. Your student will be rolled up to Kindergarten in their home school. This is also true for Kindergarten students, they will be rolled up to First Grade.