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Clarkston Community School District

Enrollment Requirements

1. Parent/guardian picture identification (driver's license/passport) - Photo I.D., such as a driver’s license, state I.D., or passport of parent, or legal guardian must be provided. The current address must be represented on the photo I.D.

2. Proof of Residency (may be required to renew annually) - Must provide one document from Column 1, and two supporting documents from Column 2 below.

Proof of Ownership/Occupancy - One (1) Required

Current Property Tax Statement (Latest Tax Season)

Mortgage Statement (Current Month)

Lease (must include the following information):

  • Landlord Contact information
  • Delineation of people living in household
  • Length of lease term
  • Signed by both Resident & Landlord
  • Address of rental

Residency Affidavit - form only available at Central Enrollment. Form must be signed by notary and renewed every school year, prior to the beginning of school. The property owner must submit proof of ownership and the parent/guardian must provide two items of proof from Column 2

Closing paper if closing occurred within six months

Purchase Agreement showing a closing date within the current semester, five months.

Supporting Documents Two (2) Required

Must show matching name & address and be the most current, within 30 days

  • DTE Energy Bill
  • Consumers Energy Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Phone Bill
  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Cable/Satellite TV Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Paycheck
  • Medical Bill
  • Legal Documentation
  • IRS Bill or Statement
  • Automobile Loan or Lease
  • Department of Human Services Statement

3. Child's original/certified birth certificate
(or valid passport, if not born in the U.S.) An original Certified Birth Certificate must be supplied by the parent/guardian of the student. Birth Certificates will not be retrieved from the previous district, and will also not be released for any reason. Birth certificates can be obtained through the county in which your child was born at the Register of Deeds Office. The Birth certificate will be copied at the time of enrollment.

4. Immunization record - Official record must be submitted. The student’s complete updated immunization record must be submitted. Immunization records can’t be obtained from previous schools. The district will not release any immunization information on students. Immunization information is available at the Oakland County Health Department at 248.858.1280. Michigan law requires children to be up to date on all required immunizations on or before the first day of school. Children who have valid medical reasons that prevent or delay them from receiving a vaccine may submit a waiver, signed by the child's physician, which explains the medical issue and vaccine involved. However, any parent/guardian who wishes to waive vaccines for non-medical reasons are now REQUIRED to receive vaccine education from their local health department. This rule applies to all children entering childcare, kindergarten and 7th grade, or newly enrolled in the district after January 1, 2015.

For more information on this new State of Michigan administrative rule and a recommended immunization schedule, please click on the link below: Immunization Rule Change.

5. Proof of satisfactory vision exam (Kindergarten and Young Five students only).

6. Students in grades 1-8 must have their latest report card. Students in grades 9-12 must have their current high school transcript reflecting credits earned.

7. If child is receiving special education services, a copy of current Individual Education Plan (IEP)

8. Court order Documentation or Custody Documentation if applicable