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Clarkston Community School District


To begin the enrollment process, please gather the following Enrollment Requirements needed.  Once all documentation is gathered, begin the appropriate enrollment process for your family below. 
Please review the Enrollment Definitions to choose the correct Registration Name

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New Parents

You are new to the district, and do not have students enrolled in any CCS program including Dolls/SPICE/Speech (currently enrolled or previously evaluated) or GSRP.   Click the "New Parent Guide" to begin the online enrollment process. 

New Parent Guide


You already have students enrolled in Clarkston Community Schools and would like to enroll an additional child who will be new to the district.  Click the "Current Parent Guide" to begin the online enrollment process. 

Current Parent Guide

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Enrollment Packets

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are only processing online enrollments at this time.  Please see above process to access the Online Enrollment.   

Only under special circumstances can we take enrollment appointments.   Please call (248) 623-5400 to explain your situation and make an appointment.  Only one person can come to the appointment and must wear a mask.   See below for the enrollment packet. 

Enrollments will not be processed unless you have  ALL documents at the time of your appointment.  

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Administrative Offices (Map)
6389 Clarkston Road
Clarkston, Michigan 48346
P: 248.623.5400
F: 248. 623.5450

All Clarkston Community Schools students must enroll through our Online Enrollment Registration.  

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Mission Statement

Clarkston Community Schools creates a learning environment where students, staff, and families are challenged, healthy, engaged, safe, and supported.