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Shared Time Services

Shared Time was introduced in 1985, when the Michigan Supreme Court rendered a decision in support of shared time programming on eligible non-core and elective classes. These areas include: art, computers, foreign language, music, physical education, other additional electives, such as advanced placement courses, and online learning opportunities through Michigan Virtual High School and

Shared time teaching subsidizes existing classes and provides new curriculum offerings for students in non-public schools. For more information about our Shared Time partnerships, please contact Shared Services Director Christa Fons at (248) 623-5459.



Christa Fons, Ed.S., CPA
Shared Services Director
P: 248.623.5459

Stacey Cargill
Shared Services Coordinator
P: 248.623.5461

Melissa Skvarce
Shared Services Assistant
P: 248.623.5422