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Clarkston Community School District

Partners for Clarkston's Kids

Clarkston Coalition

Clarkston Coalition for Youth

Clarkston Coalition for Youth is a community-wide approach to prevent and reduce substance abuse and other “Risky” dangers that face our kids today. By using the strengths and resources of individuals and organizations we provide education workshops, town hall talks and much more. Through these collaboration and developing partnerships we provide the support and information that our youth, families, and the community needs to make healthy lifestyle choices.

The Coalition’s programs and partnerships are the building blocks "to achieving our desired mission which is to increase positive youth development through community partnerships, providing every youth with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential”. In doing so we strive to help the youth of our community to achieve great health and wellness, to abstain from the use of alcohol, vaping & tobacco products, and other drugs, so that they have the ability to reach their fullest potential.

We are a volunteer driven organization that is always looking for people like you to join in the Fun and Prevention Efforts!

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Clarkston for Life

Clarkston for Life logo
Clarkston for Life is a community well-being initiative focusing on the social, emotional, physical and spiritual health of all residents from ages 0-100.
clarkston for life mission statement


  • Serve as a source for inspiring new projects, actions and collaborations in the community to improve the quality of life in Clarkston.
  • Create and sustain a healthy community culture that educates, motivates and empowers residents to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  • Promote the well-being of the whole person by empowering people with the knowledge, skills and spirit to take responsibility for personal, family and community health.


  • The Clarkston community will become a place of well-being.
  • The Clarkston community will become aware and learn the components to achieving well-being.
  • Inspire the community to create, participate and utilize community well-being initiatives.

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Clarkston for Life Well-Being Infographic

Components of Well-Being

Clarkston for Life Components of Well-Being Infographic


Clarkston SCAMP

SCAMP logo

Clarkston SCAMP is a five-week summer day camp in Clarkston, Michigan developed and designed for special needs children and young adults. The camp is more than just an exciting place for the SCAMPers; this program provides a growing and learning opportunity for both the young adults hired to be aides for the SCAMPers, as well as the volunteers. It provides the parents of the SCAMPers the calming effect of knowing that their child is in a safe haven and having a good time that they might not be able to experience any other way.

All this is made possible by the hard work and dedication of the board members of the North Oakland SCAMP Funding Corporation and generous donations of the people, like you, who have come to know, appreciate, and love the efforts of SCAMP.

Fundraisers held throughout the year help supplement the cost of the program.

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Optimist Club

Clarkston Optimist Club

The Optimist Creed

Optimist International Logo

Clarkston Optimists, a member of Optimists International, is a non-profit organization that supports their local community. Our goals are to:

  • Aid and encourage the development of youth, in the belief that the giving of one’s self is in service to others will advance the well-being of humankind, community life and the world,
  • Develop optimism as a philosophy of life,
  • Promote an active interest in good government and civic affairs,
  • Inspire respect for the law and,
  • Promote patriotism and work for international accord and friendship among all people.

The Clarkston Optimist Club’s activities are focused on the youth of the community, respect for law and promoting patriotism. The club sponsors Junior Optimist Clubs (JOOI) at the elementary, middle school, junior high school and high school levels. Student of the Year recognitions are held at each school in the Clarkston Schools district. A multitude of programs throughout the year are focused on youth - Friendly Forest, Optic Socks, Renaissance Elves project, Essay Contest, Oratorical Contest, grants to youth programs, SCAMP Field Day and the Fourth of July parade sponsorship.


Clarkston Independence District Library

Stop by the Clarkston Independence District Library and pick up a Pack Pass library card to access the tools you need for school!  

Visit the library with your Pack Pass card and check out books, movies, maker kits and more.

Need more help? Ask a librarian, or contact us at

Pack Pass


Clarkston Area Youth Assistance


Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) is a unique, volunteer-driven, non-profit community organization committed to strengthening youth and families, as well as preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency, child neglect, and child abuse through community involvement. Volunteers work with a professional staff to plan and sponsor enriching programs for young people and families in the Clarkston Community Schools district. CAYA's programs are committed to positively impacting the long-term growth and development of all youth in the community through prevention, education, support, and celebration. CAYA's programs are part of the community-wide effort focused on the health and well-being of youth and families.