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Clarkston Community School District

Meet the Board

The Clarkston Foundation is proud to serve and support the students and staff of Clarkston Community Schools! The Board and its team is comprised of a dynamic group of community members who volunteer their time and efforts year-round.

Would you like to be involved? Please contact the Board at anytime, and learn how you can help contribute to the mission of the Clarkston Foundation.

Thank you to Clarkston High School Students Kristen Lucero and Grant Mathews, students in Digital and Advanced Photography, for the photographs.

Clarkston Foundation Board


Clarkston Foundation PresidentGreg Bunting

Clarkston Foundation Board

Bart Roeser


Jim Tedder

Clarkston Foundation Board

Janlaee Grainer

Jim Evans

Dave Coin

Bruce Mercado

Clarkston Foundation Board Member

Carl Matisse

Clarkston Foundation Board Member

Anne Collias

Heidi McClain

Clarkston Foundation Board

Courtney Eastman