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We're Stronger Together

Clarkston for Life is a new community well-being initiative focused on the social, emotional, and physical health of Clarkston’s children, adults, and older residents, with an understanding that well-being is the key to positive life outcomes.

Over the next five years (and beyond), Clarkston will become a model of community well-being as our residents grow in their knowledge and understanding of the research behind achieving wellness.

Clarkston for Life is a collaborative effort created by Clarkston Community Schools, area businesses, health care professionals, counselors and wellness experts. The “red thread” in the Clarkston for Life logo is meaningful. In many cultures, a red thread is a metaphor for uniting and building connections. It is suggested once a person enters our lives and makes an impact, the connection lasts a lifetime.

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Clarkston for Life
P: 248.623.5460

Leadership Team

  • Angela Avery, LPC, Research & Programming
  • Mary Herzenstiel, School Connections
  • Kelli Horst, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Jennifer Johnson, Research & Outreach
  • Julie Meredith, Community Events
  • Amy Metz, Community Events & Finance
  • Staci Puzio, Ambassador Program & School Connections
  • Justin Rinke, Advisor-at-Large
  • Mary Ellen Rowe, Marketing & Public Relations