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Clarkston Community School District

Student Support

Meaningful Engagement through Virtual Channels

We will continue to monitor and adjust this experience as time goes on.  We will seek your feedback  as we embrace this journey together. 

On Monday, April 6, all students in Clarkston Community Schools (ECC-Grade 12) will transition to a more structured model of remote learning with teachers. We’re calling our online learning program “Clarkston Virtual At-Home Learning.”

While we realize online learning can not fully substitute the quality of a face-to-face classroom, we are prepared to provide our students with creative and unique opportunities to continue their education while schools are closed. Our teachers have been preparing for our remote learning by creating engaging and purposeful online lessons that will allow students to engage with topic-related content and skills. Teachers will be reaching out on a weekly basis, and will be inviting students to respond directly in order to facilitate meaningful two-way engagement. The expectations and daily time commitment for students will vary depending on their grade level.

Be assured you are supported

We are committed to supporting all of our students and parents as we transition to remote learning. Our goal is to move learning forward in a thoughtful way and support families with tips, tutorials, technical support, and of course, your student's teachers. These resources, and more information about the Clarkston Virtual At-Home Learning model will be found on a special website we created for Online Learning Support.

We are going to take this slow and steady to minimize as much stress as possible on the part of our students, parents, and teachers.

There will be curves and bumps in the road along the way as we travel this new territory. It will require patience and flexibility on everyone’s part, as well as the understanding that Clarkston Virtual At-Home Learning will evolve over time. We will continue to seek your feedback as we embark on this new learning path together.

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Technical Support

Please contact our Technology Department for support with technical questions.
P: 248.623.5406

Program Information

Nancy Mahoney, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services
P: 248.623.5420

Kenneth Janczarek, Director of Special Programs
P: 248.623.5440

Tips & Technology Resources for Students