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Academic Service Learning

What is Academic Service Learning?

Academic Service Learning (ASL) is a dynamic and innovative educational approach that seamlessly integrates community service with academic coursework. This  model goes beyond traditional classroom learning by fostering active engagement, critical reflection, and meaningful interaction with real-world issues. In academic service learning, students don't simply acquire knowledge ; they apply their academic skills to address pressing societal challenges while gaining a deeper understanding of their subjects and cultivating a sense of social responsibility. This mutually beneficial relationship between the schools and the community empowers students to become active agents of positive change, bridging the gap between theory and practice to create a more interconnected society.

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Benefits of Academic Service Learning

  • Improved Student Engagement
  • Meaningful Community Involvement
  • Increased empathy, understanding, self-confidence and concern for others


Christine Rogers, Academic Service Learning Coordinator
P: 248.623.4064

Our Mission

The mission of the Academic Service Learning program is to connect meaningful service learning to the community with classroom instruction that enriches learning, teaches civic responsibility, and fosters personal growth. 

Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education - November 2007

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