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Clarkston Community School District
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We are Clarkston.

Whatever your child dreams of becoming, he or she will find the opportunity in Clarkston.

Whether you've spent your whole life or just a day in Clarkston, you know there's just something special about this community. It's in the way we support one another, and the way we take time to go the extra mile. The Clarkston Community School district is a reflection of this tight-knit community.

Our schools are steeped in tradition, and proudly claim a rich history of achievement. Clarkston's students consistently achieve competitive state-level success in athletics, band, choir, safe driving, robotics, academics, and career and technical education, to name a few.

Our graduates earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to top colleges and universities across the country each year and go on to become leaders in thinking, innovation, exploration, and creative expression.

In 2016, voters in Clarkston approved a $76 million bond for district-wide upgrades in safety, security, facilities and technology. We have the best schools around, and they're only getting better...anywhere we go, we are proud to say, "We Are Clarkston!"


Best Educational Practices

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Our administrators and staff study the latest research on the brain and how children learn, as well as best teaching practices, to ensure Clarkston Community Schools offers an effective, active and visible learning environment that supports the abilities of each and every child. We are always looking to improve our educational practice through effective strategies that engage teacher and student.

Engaged Students & Staff

A student writing at a deskOur people – teachers, staff, students, graduates and families – and the connections they make with each other set our district apart. The energy and commitment each person brings to our district every day creates an active, participatory environment for teaching and learning.

Financial Responsibility

Maximizing the efficiency of the financial and physical assets of the school district and ensuring transparency of all business operations are key responsibilities of the administration. Operating a balanced budget and maintaining a fund equity balance that prevents cash flow borrowing are two of the financial parameters set by the Board of Education to ensure good financial stewardship on behalf of taxpayers.

Student Growth & Achievement

A CJHS student

Ensuring Clarkston students learn and grow each year on their path to graduation is a top priority. Growth and achievement takes many forms, from acquiring new skills to improving in a subject area during a school year and comparing grade-level effectiveness on annual state-administered assessments.

Respect Code

A boy is greeted by a woman at CHS.

Mutual respect among all members of our school community is the cornerstone of our interaction and behavior. We acknowledge the dignity and worth of one another. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere by our courtesy to others and our conduct. Students and staff of Clarkston Community Schools:

  • Have the right to be physically safe.
  • Have the responsibility not to harm other people or their belongings.
  • Have the responsibility to consider and be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
  • Have the right to be emotionally safe.
  • Have the responsibility to promote acceptance of self and others.
  • Have the responsibility to consider and be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
  • Have the right to communicate their needs and feelings.
  • Have the responsibility to express themselves in a constructive, non-threatening manner.
  • Have the responsibility to make amends after offending others.

This code was created by K-12 students from Clarkston Community Schools and accepted by the district's Diversity Committee.

A Culture of Respect

Students in a huddle

In Clarkston, we believe every child deserves to be seen and known.

Every child is entitled to an excellent education in a safe environment and authentic connections. These high expectations define and distinguish what we do in Clarkston Community Schools: we foster an engaged culture of visible thinking and learning. This is how we demonstrate our daily commitment to creating a learning environment where students, staff, and families are challenged, healthy, engaged, safe, and supported.

Bullying Policy

It is the policy of Clarkston Community Schools to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for all of its students. Read our district's policy on bullying and aggressive behavior toward students below.

Bullying Policy

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