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OCHD Updates Isolation and Quarantine Guidance

Updated Public Health Guidance

Dear CCS Families,

Based on guidance just updated today from the Oakland County Health Division (OCHD), the timeline for isolation due to a positive COVID case and quarantine due to exposure has been reduced to five days. This change means that any students who test positive for COVID must only isolate for five days after symptom onset or test date, as long as symptoms are improving and they have been fever-free for 24 hours with no medication. To clarify, day one of isolation is the first day AFTER symptom onset or test date. Individuals may return to school on day six.

(See OCHD Updated Isolation-Quarantine Guidance)

While we have not been directing quarantine, any students who have been exposed to a positive case can choose to quarantine (with documentation of the exposure) and access distance learning. This practice will continue, but the quarantine period has also changed to five days. OCHD recommends that any completely vaccinated individual does not need to quarantine. They may remain in school and just monitor for symptoms for 10 days. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated or have not received any vaccines for COVID should quarantine for five days. They should also test on day five before returning to school. Again, the decision to quarantine if unvaccinated remains with you and your family’s medical provider.

OCHD has informed us that they no longer require contact tracing. The district will still report positive cases to the health division and notify families of cases within their child’s classroom(s). However, no close contacts will be identified or submitted to the health division. If you receive notification from the district regarding a case in your child’s classroom, you may still choose to quarantine your child and access distance learning. If you decide to quarantine your child, please notify your building principal.

These changes are effective immediately, so any students who are currently out in isolation or quarantine may return if they have satisfied the requirements as detailed above. 


Dr. Shawn Ryan, Superintendent

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