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Clarkston Community School District

Board of Education

2017-2018 Board Meetings

Upcoming Board Meetings

Unless otherwise noted, all board meetings will be held at 7pm at the Clarkston Community Schools Administration Building, 6389 Clarkston Road, Clarkston. P: 248.623.5400

Watch board meetings online!

Board Agendas(subject to change) will be posted on the website the Friday prior to Board Meetings. Board packets, when possible, will also be posted the Friday prior to a board meeting. Click on the dates listed below for that meeting's packet.

2017-2018 Board Meetings

2016-2017 Board Meetings

2016-2017 Board Meetings

Board Goals

2017-18 Board Goals

I. Strategic Plan

The Board of Education and administration will develop a process and framework for a multi-year strategic plan that defines the vision, purpose, values and priorities for Clarkston Community Schools. The process will engage key stakeholders in:

  • examining the current strategic plan, mission, vision and learner profile;
  • identifying key messages, strengths and core values;
  • determining focus areas and priorities;
  • studying financial impact and timeline;
  • selecting accountability measures; and ultimately,
  • defining a successful outcome of a Clarkston Community Schools education.

II. Bond Implementation

The Board will exercise our legal and fiduciary responsibilities to the community by carefully monitoring and utilizing bond resources to successfully implement our 10-year facility and technology master plan, while ensuring transparency. Tasks will include:

  • working with our administration and consultants to finalize each bond project;
  • monitoring the implementation and bidding of each bond project and overseeing construction to completion; and
  • ensuring ongoing communication regarding bond projects and implementation to all stakeholders.

Board Operating Procedures

Board Policies

Read the Clarkston Community Schools Board Policies.


Superintendent Search

At their February 26 meeting, the Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education approved the hiring of the Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB) to conduct a search for the next CCS Superintendent.

Community Survey

The MASB created a survey to gather community input. The survey was open for two weeks and provided the community an opportunity to give their input regarding our next superintendent.


Stakeholder input sessions were also held to gather additional feedback from staff and parents/community members.


The preliminary job posting is currently active online.

  • Applications Due: April 18, 2018
  • Projected Start Date: July 1, 2018.

Superintendent Job Posting

Selection criteria


Upcoming Events

Elizabeth Egan

Elizabeth Egan

P: 248.933.4621
Email Elizabeth Egan

Meet the Board

The Clarkston Community Schools Board of Education is committed to ensuring all children in Clarkston have the ability to pursue their dreams and reach their highest potential as students in our schools.

As your elected representatives, our Board members welcome questions and conversations related to governing the district. Board members actively participate in many events throughout the community, serving on committees and attending school and community meetings and events. Board members welcome invitations to your events and will make an effort to attend.

You may communicate with the School Board as a whole at public meetings (held monthly), or individually by emailing or calling them using the contact information on this page.

Kelli Horst

Kelli Horst
Vice President

P: 248.755.0375
Email Kelli Horst

Greg Need

Gregory Need

P: 248.625.8416
Email Greg Need

Steve Hyer

Steve Hyer

P: 248.922.0170
Email Steve Hyer

Sue Boatman

Sue Boatman

P: 248.391.1961
Email Sue Boatman

Andrea Catalina

Andrea Catalina

Email Andrea Catalina

Cheryl McGinnis

Cheryl McGinnis

P: 248.620.6430
Email Cheryl McGinnis