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Option 2: Clarkston Virtual 100% Online Learning

Option 2: Clarkston Virtual 100% Online Learning

Knowing not all families will be comfortable returning to school in-person, Clarkston Community Schools proudly offers Clarkston Virtual, a 100% virtual online learning program for students in Grades Y5-12. The Clarkston Virtual program is a standards-based curriculum that is delivered in a flexible learning environment. This free program is supported by Clarkston teachers and Clarkston teacher mentors who are working specifically with students in this optional virtual program. Clarkston Virtual is a well-established, comprehensive program that looks and feels very different from the district-wide "crisis schooling" we experienced this Spring and it is a strong option for families who are not comfortable returning to school buildings.

  • Students can opt to enroll in the Clarkston Virtual program.
  • Any in-district Clarkston Community Schools' resident will be admitted to Clarkston Virtual.
  • Clarkston Virtual students would stay enrolled in Clarkston Community Schools.
  • Classes will be supported by highly-skilled, thoughtful, and caring Clarkston Community Schools certified teacher mentors utilizing the same academic standards and assessment goals.
  • Small group and individuals supports and lessons will be available.
  • Clarkston students will be supported with curriculum to meet their individual needs.
  • Clarkston Virtual teacher mentors will be monitoring student progress and pace and will be available daily to support students.
  • Clarkston Virtual students will not have daily attendance or login times, but learning will be flexible and self paced supported by Clarkston teacher mentors.
  • Both in person and virtual meetings will be conducted to support both students and family needs.
  • Parent and student resources will be shared at the start of the year with continued support throughout the school year to ensure students and families are successful.
  • The same rigorous and engaging teaching and learning families expect from Clarkston Community Schools.
  • Students and families will have access to class resources, progress, and grades.
  • Students maintain relationships with peers and teachers while learning fully from home.
  • Clarkston Virtual students may participate in educational and extracurricular opportunities, though their schooling would be entirely at home.
  • Clarkston Virtual students may transition back to traditional face-to-face classroom instruction at semester.
  • Clarkston Virtual students will graduate from Clarkston High School.

The specific protocols and expectations for both learning environments are still being defined according to public health information available at this time.

Based on our Fall 2020 Return to School survey, nearly 30% of parents indicated that our fully online program works best for their family. If you are one of them, we invite you to complete the Clarkston Virtual Enrollment Form today. If you would like to learn more about the program, please visit our website or email Director of Special Programs Ken Janczarek with questions. For staffing purposes, Clarkston Virtual Enrollment Forms are requested by Friday, August 7.

1:1 Technology for All Staff & Students

Whether your family chooses face-to-face in-person instruction or the Clarkston Virtual program, we are proud to share that the Clarkston Board of Education recently approved a 1:1 technology program in which all Clarkston Community Schools students and teachers will be provided a district-owned device for the 2020-2021 school year.

Enroll in Clarkston Virtual

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