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Looking for a challenging academic curriculum with limitless learning opportunities? We've got it. Want to root for a state championship athletic team or be moved to tears at a live stage performance of Les Miserables? That's us, too. How about close-knit neighborhood schools in a small town setting with more than 200 years of rich history? Welcome to Clarkston. Here, we work tirelessly to shepherd the social, emotional, and physical well-being of each child. Beginning at birth and continuing through life, we help Clarkston kids create a story of learning that leads to personal fulfillment, meaningful relationships, and positive contributions.

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Supporting The Healthy, Balanced Lives of Students

As I was meeting with our Parent Advisory Team, one parent said something that made an impact on me. She shared her desire for Clarkston's kids to be "to be seen, to be recognized, and to feel important." We all want that, don't we? When we feel understood and appreciated, we stand a little straighter, hold our heads up a little higher, and view the world through a brighter lens.

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