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Welcome to Mr. Hagewood's website.  The following is my schedule for the 2014/2015 school year.

 Semester 1 Semester 2  Time

1st Hour

 Conference Algebra 2A 7:30-8:28
2nd Hour Algebra 2A Conference 8:34-9:32
3rd Hour Pre-Calc/Trig Pre-Calc/Trig 9:38-10:40
4th Hour Pre-Calc/Trig Pre-Calc/Trig 10:46-12:17
5th Hour Algebra 2A Algebra 2A 12:23-1:21
6th Hour Pre-Calc/Trig Pre-Calc/Trig 1:27-2:25

ONLINE PRACTICE WITH MATH ANALYSIS AND PRE-CALC/TRIG CAN BE FOUND USING THIS LINK: http://college.cengage.com/mathematics/larson/precalculus_limits_aga/4e/students/index.html