First Trimester:

1st Hour: Medieval World History

2nd Hour: Conference

3rd Hour: Ancient Art History

4th Hour: Medieval World History

5th Hour: Medieval World History

Second Trimester:

1st Hour: Conference

2nd Hour: Medieval World History

3rd Hour: Ancient World History

4th Hour: World History Geography-B

5th Hour: Medieval World History 

Third Trimester:

1st Hour: World History Geography-B

2nd Hour:  Conference

3rd Hour: Modern Art History

4th Hour:  World History Geography-B

5th Hour:  World History Geography-B


My name is Danielle Fuller and this is my 18th year of teaching. I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan-Flint in History. I taught for two years in Rogers City, Michigan and thereafter have taught at Clarkston High School. I once attended the Gettysburg Summer Civil War Institute on a scholarship. I completed my master's thesis on the History of Ojibway Women During Their Years of the Fur Trade. My master's degree was earned in American Culture through the Rackham School at the University of Michigan.