Mrs. Laing - Team 6A Science
LA Curriculum

Language Arts

In reading, all students are completing a daily reading log with the expectation of reading 20-30 minutes, at least 5 days a week. The log is intended to show student growth in reading, the variety of genres read, and the level of challenge in the books the students choose. Reading logs are assessed at the end of each month. 

We continue to talk about, and practice, the language we use when we share our thinking about our reading. Students share what they question, connect and infer while reading texts.   Students are currently focusing on identifying how the author creates the setting, develops characters, and shows conflicts in their stories.

In Writing, students have been practicing responding to a prompt by making a claim, supporting it with evidence from the text and explaining their thinking. Students are always expected to respond to questions and prompts with evidence of their thinking and findings. Students are expected to write in complete sentences, using proper punctuation and grammar.