November 27, 2014

Dear Clarkston Families,


Whether we admit it or not, we, parents, often have a good idea of whom we’d like to see as our children’s teachers, especially at an elementary school. We talk to their current teachers, do some research here and there, and write letters providing our input in this matter. After all, we want a good fit.


As concerned as we are about our children , when it comes to making decisions that might affect their  education on a large scale, we often don’t feel compelled to invest a lot of effort. The most important example of this is how much thought we put into the elections for our Board of Education.


Text Box: CCS Board of Education Candidates ForumCandidates’ Information: 16, 20147p.m.Clarkston Junior High SchoolOf course, most of us know what the Board of Education does. The Board of Education has the final say in every initiative or decision regarding our schools – from textbooks and curriculum our students use, to repairs of the buildings in which they spend many hours, to salaries and professional development for their teachers, to the amount of money for various needs.  In fact, the Board determines who fits to be our superintendent. It governs our schools.


What this means to you and me is that the people we elect are in charge of our kids’ education.  We trust them with our children. How much do we know about them? 


Please make it a priority to find out who fits well in our schools.


Arina Bokas

Clarkston PTA Council President