General Information Regarding Board of Education Meetings


Board of Education meetings are held to establish or amend school policies, adopt a tax rate or budget for the district, authorize budgeted money to be spent, approve personnel recommendations, and act on other administrative recommendations concerning a wide variety of school matters. 


Although any matter relating to the operation of the schools may come before the Board, most activities are handled routinely through regular administrative channels.


Regular meetings of the Board are usually held at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of every month, with some adjustments made to accommodate holiday times.  Meetings are always open to the public.  On occasion, study sessions and/or closed sessions are held in compliance with the rules set forth under the Open Meetings Act.  Examples of topics discussed in closed session are certain personnel matters, labor negotiations, student discipline, or district property discussions.  No matter what the issue, all action must be taken in public session.


Meeting Procedures


The Board of Education welcomes you to their meetings.  Parents, students, staff members and other interested citizens are encouraged to attend.  If you wish to address the Board of Education, the following options are available:


·   Call ahead - the Superintendent's Office number is 248.623.5408.  Request to speak about an item scheduled to be on the agenda, OR

·   At Item 3* on the agenda, you may request to address the Board on any scheduled agenda item (following Board discussion of the topic, but before a vote is taken), OR

·   Address the Board at Item 8* on the agenda.  Citizens are welcome to address the Board on any non-agenda items at this time.


*   These opportunities for public discussion are usually located at Agenda Items 3 and 8; however, sometimes the sequence of agenda items may change.  The Board President will always indicate when these opportunities will take place.


When you address the Board, please state your name, address and the subject for discussion.  A Record of Citizens Addressing the Board form is located in the Board Room for you to complete for record keeping purposes.


Please limit your remarks to the identified subject.  In the interest of time, the Board President may limit the amount of time you are allowed.


Agendas listing all items that will be discussed during each board meeting are available the Friday preceding each board meeting by contacting the Superintendent's Office at 248.623.5408 or on-line at .   They are also available the night of the Board meeting.


Copies of official board minutes are available by contacting the Superintendent's Office within a week following each board meeting by calling 623-5408.  Note that the minutes are considered draft minutes and are not officially approved until the next regular board meeting.


We appreciate your time and your interest in Clarkston Community Schools.