Mr Z's Personal Scrapbook

Mr Z and Lizzie performing together--unfortunately I have the comedy act since I only wish I could play a musical instrument--while Lizzie was a fantastic violin player for years and enjoyed performing in the Clarkston Orchestra along with private concerts.

Mr Z believes that young people can choose many paths. Here he is coaching Lizzie to two Second Place finishes in three years at the Girls National Wrestling Tournament. She also wrestled here at Clarkston and only lost twice during her two years of school wrestling--including a big win against the captain of the eighth grade team when she was in seventh grade!


Mr. Zezula and Lizzie "out in it" at Tahquamanon Falls.


Walking behind the falls is fun!


For fun, Liz and DJ, practice for "Dancing with the Stars".


Mr. Z and Mrs. Z enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, here we are a 16 hour drive north into Canada fishing at O'Sullivan Lake.


Lizzie has a passion for athletics and enjoys playing on the Varsity Basketball and Softball teams here at Clarkston--GO WOLVES!


Mr. Z has supported his children, and many others in Clarkston, by coaching numerous different teams in FIVE different sports. The 2006-08 run with DJ was memorable as his Chiefs teams went 32-1 with two SuperBowl victories!


Coach Z has been coaching High School football for over 14 years now and loves every minute of it! GO WOLVES!


Mr Z believes that with the right direction by the instructor (coach or teacher) and great effort contributed by the student or athlete that many obstacles can be overcome! [And, yes, DJ does get this rebound]


The Zezula's visiting Lady Liberty--MAGNIFICENT!


Mr. Z and his Mommy who taught him about hard work and dedication. -I love you Mom!


The most beautiful girl in the world--my daughter Lizzie at her Junior year Homecoming gathering. Where did the time go? Can't I rewind time to when she was playing the violin and enjoy it all again??? I'll even take the head-lock moment.....

Mr. Z attending a Tigers Game on "80's Night" and got lucky by getting a picture with two Star Wars StormTroopers.

Mr Z's brother Kevin, sister Michele, father "Original Mr. Z", and Mr. Z, all pose after a successful fishing charter out of Frankfort, MI, celebrating the 60th Birthday of Mr. Z's Dad!


Mr & Mrs Z with DJ at Depot Park for the traditional Clarkston send-off of students to a formal dance.   A fun night had by all.

So proud of former CHS Grad and my daughter Liz Zezula on being on MSU's Dean's List every semester--must be from many nights at library studying like in this pic she sent me.


Acceptance Letter for Liz into MSU's Eli Broad School of Business in the ACCOUNTING PROGRAM!!!!   She set a goal..............and nothing stopped her from acheiving it!


The 2012 Varsity Football team came off a great season of 11-1 and set the stage for the 2013 Varsity Team to set the goal to go all the way to Ford Field for a State Championship.


2013 saw all of Clarkston come together to cheer on the WOLVES to their first ever appearance in the Michigan Football STATE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME at Ford Field.


DJ and the Wolves Offense dominating the competition all year--MOST POINTS EVER SCORED BY A CLARKSTON TEAM--special players, hard work, sacrifice, talent, focus, and a GREAT COMMUNITY! 


No better feeling as a Father or a Coach, INCREDIBLE !


Mr Z and DJ, bringing home the HARDWARE to C-TOWN.



DJ and friend, Cole Chewins, at MSU Football Game as college recruits, DJ for Baseball and Cole for Football.


"Boys will be Boys" a picture of a Center (Nick Azzopardi) and a Quarterback (DJ), Varsity Football 2012.