Overview :

Accounting I/II provides the basic bookkeeping principles. It shows procedures and forms used in everyday business transactions for service and merchandising businesses and uses this data to determine profits or losses.

The knowledge gained first trimester is applied to more advanced business forms on corporations in the second trimester. It also teaches the student how to handles aspects of payroll, uncollectible accounts, sales tax, and depreciation of assets for all types of businesses. 

Some personal money management is also taught throughout the course with checkbooks, investments, taxes, retirements, and budgets to name a few.

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Course Overview:

First Trimester Discussion Topics: Second Trimester Discussion Topics:
The accounting system and how it works Special Journals
Changes to Owner's Equity Uncollectible Accounts
Analyzing transactions into debit and credit parts Depreciation
Journalizing transactions Inventory

Posting transactions to the general ledger

Accrued Revenues and Expenses
Six-column worksheet Dividends

Financial statements (sole proprietorship and partnership)

End-of-fiscal-period statements (corporation)
Closing the general ledger

Adjusting and closing entries

Payroll records
Automated simulation (Fitness Junction)

From now until the end of the trimester, students will be working on group basis.  They are moving at their own pace and must have through Ch. 13 completed at the end of the trimester.

The layout looks like this:

Online Workbook -  They complete assignments in the online workbook that helps them understand problems that will be covered by the quiz.  The online workbook is located at www.aplia.com where they must login with a user ID and password they already have.  They must complete this and have it checked before they move on to the quiz. Mr. Smith must be sure they are ready for the quiz by questioning to make sure they are ready. 

Quiz - The quizzes are taken at the end of each chapter and students must achieve an 80% or above to move on to the next chapter.  In the event of less than 80% on a quiz, the student must complete more workbook problems and prove again why they are capable of passing the quiz.


Schedule for the upcoming two weeks:

  • Ch. 6 Worksheets
  • Worksheets, Trial Balance, Adjustments
  • Ch. 7 Financial Statements
  •  Income Statements, Balance Sheets
  • Ch. 8 Adjusting/Closing Entries
  • Adjustments and Closing Entries