Student Supplies needed for class!

School Planner


Folder or 3-Ring Binder with paper & 3 dividers (Starts, Notes, Work)

Optional: Highligher, Pencil Pouch

PROBLEM SOLVING is our Main Concentration!

CLASS DESCRIPTION: In this elective class, seventh grade students learn about technology in both a classroom and lab setting. In the lab, students will rotate through a series of Lab-Volt stations to learn about and use technology within the areas of communication, producation, and transportation. In the classroom, students will learn about engineering science through reading, projects, and various assignments. The class is one semester in length and has a primary focus on problem solving.

(This class has had the name "Introduction to Engineering Science".  Students planning to take Applied Technology in 8th grade are encouraged to take this class in 7th grade.  However, it is not a pre-requisite.)