SPANISH CLUB MEETING - We will be having our next meeting today in room A343. We are planning on organizing for our yearly Fair Trade Sale.   Mrs. Walsh 12/1

SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP - Seniors, were you a safety in elementary school? If so, you could be eligible to apply for the AAA Michigan's School Safety Patrol Scholarship Program. The scholarship offers a $1,000 scholarship to those seniors who have a 3.0 GPA, and proof of being a safety. Stop by the counseling office for an application today! Ms. Krcziok 11/26

SCENE SHOP FOR THE MUSICAL HAS STARTED! - We are in the shop everyday after school until 6pm.  If you want to be on stage crew for the musical you need to put in shop time.  We are looking for builders and painters.  No experience is necessary. Hope to see you there! Ms. Seaman 12/1

BLOOD DRIVE– The annual Red Cross Blood Drive is scheduled for December 5th.  Be sure to donate by signing up at the table in the cafeteria on your lunch hour! LEAD 11/26

MR. CLARKSTON PAGEANT – The second annual “Mr. Clarkston Pageant” will be held on Thursday, December 4 from 7-9 p.m. in the CHS PAC.  The admission is $2 and you will be able to vote for your favorite guy with a with a donation.  All proceeds go towards Kids Against Hunger.  If you are interested in joining the competition, the three rounds are talent, modeling, and Q & A’s.  Sign ups will end this week and there is a $100 cash prize to the winner!  Whether you’re in the show or in the crowd, we hope to see you there!   Donley 12/1

Oakland Community College ~ Success Studies Skill ClassCOURSE DESCRIPTION -This course is designed to improve students’ academic performance. Students will practice strategies for test taking, textbook study, note taking, memory enhancement, and time management. They will be given opportunities to apply these strategies to current course work and personal life situations. This is a college course. Two (2) college credits and .5 high school elective credit will be give upon passing this course.For additional information, please visit the CHS website for full course description. Applications are available now at the Clarkston High School Principal’s office.The deadline for signing up for this class is December 5, 2014. .  Hurry, space is limited to 20, so sign up now!