The following page contains resources and ideas that may help your child prepare for the 7th Grade Advanced Math Placement test.  Students that successfully pass the placement test will be enrolled in 7th Grade Advanced Math (Math 8) and will be expected to have mastered the 7th Grade Math Content Expectations.

Summer Math Camp

Contact Community Education @248-623-4326 for information regarding Summer Math Camps to Refresh-Review-Re-new.


MCTM has books you may purchase that review expectations with great activities.  "Climbing from grade 7 to Grade 8" would be the recommended title.  Books are only $12.50 and may be purchased on the following website:


Tutoring could be a great option for your child!  Although it can get expensive, the one-on-one time may be wonderful!  Some of the current SMS teachers tutor in the summer and even throughout the year.

Independent Work - Paper and Computer Based

Below are several attachments to help you prepare for the placement test.  Most of these are practice tests (each with an answer key) that should be attempted after you have completed a unit of study.  Item #1, on-line resources, is a good place to begin after you have reviewed the 7th grade math expectations.

Below is a sampling of 7th Grade Math Problems you may download that may be helpful.