PTA Program Descriptions 2014-2015


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT - Event to welcome families back to school, sign up for various PTA programs and meet the teachers.


BOOK FAIR - Opportunities for families and staff to purchase multi-media materials. (This is not a PTA fundraiser, but our Media Center is able to purchase needed books based on volume of books sold.)


DISABILITY AWARENESS - 4th grade students are taught awareness of a variety of disabilities through this district-wide, 1 day event.


DOUGHNUTS WITH DAD - Program to promote family time/family fun by having morning refreshments for kids and their dads.


FIELD DAY – A fun fitness event that allows children to participate in a few hours of recreation. Usually near the last day of school.


FIFTH GRADE CELEBRATION - Celebrates 5th grade accomplishments through a slide show of their elementary years, award ceremony and refreshments.


HEALTH & WELLNESS – Work with BLE staff as needed for education and support of health/safety issues and keep school families and staff informed.


MATH/READING NIGHT (Seuss Night) – An evening of math and reading games and activities.


MARKET DAY – Monthly opportunity for families to order food products. We earn a 10% profit on any orders that are placed.


MORNINGS WITH MOM - Program to promote family time/family fun by having morning refreshments for kids and their moms.


PASSIVE FUNDRAISING - Collects information and educates families on programs that bring money into our school without active solicitation. (Examples are Box Tops for Education, Target and Meijer Rewards programs, cell phone, newspaper, magazine and ink cartridge recycling.)

READ TO ME – School-wide program to encourage students and families to read at home.

REFLECTIONS - National PTA Fine Arts competition to highlight the importance of Art in education. Students across the nation compete in categories such as literature, visual arts, photography, and music.

SIGN COORDINATOR - Post information on the sign in front of school for school related events.

SPIRIT WEAR - Program that offers logo clothing, school or recreational products for sale to staff and families to promote school pride.

STAFF APPRECIATION – Program for staff at BLE to show our appreciation throughout the school year with refreshments, meals & other small gifts.

THEME DAY - One day event featuring activity based workshops and assemblies. Alternates between Career Day, Fine Arts Day, International Day, and Science Day.

TALENT SHOW - Program giving students the opportunity to perform onstage for their peers and families.