7th Grade Content Expectations

ü Add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative numbers (including whole numbers, fractions, and decimals).

ü Find percents.

ü Correctly use the order of operations.

ü Be able to find the absolute value of a number.

ü Use the distributive property correctly.

ü Graphs coordinate points.

ü Recognize proportional relationships and linear relationships in context, tables, graphs, and equations.

ü Graph, locate, interpret, and determine the slope and y- intercept.  Be able to write an en equation.

ü Solve linear problems using graphs and equations.

ü Calculate unit rates, ratios, and solve proportions.

ü Simplify and evaluate expressions.

ü Understand similarity to mean same shape, corresponding angles are equal, ratios of side lengths are equal, and equal scale factors.

ü Determine and understand scale factors.

ü Determine the area and perimeter of triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, and circles.

ü Determine the surface area and volumes of prisms.

ü Determine measures of center for numerical data.

ü Create graphs and stem and leaf plots from data.

ü Compare statistical populations and make predictions based on samples.

ü Find the probability of simple and compound events.

ü Solve inequalities.