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Dear Parents,

From time to time I will need items for our classroom. Below you will find my "Wish List" of items that I could use at any time, and in just about any quantity.  If there is something on this list that you have on hand, you find on sale (let me know!), or are willing to donate, please FEEL FREE! If you do provide any of the items please send them in with your child.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Mrs. Simek


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  • 2 gallon, 1 gallon, quart, sandwich or snack size ziploc bags.


  • Bulk or individually wrapped snacks (for students who forget to bring snack on his/her designated day). No nuts of any kind, please.


  • Games (both educational and recreational).  We use the educational games during class and the recreational games during indoor recess.


  • Old magazines (for projects).  Please use good judgement when passing on magazines to this age group!


  • Hard or soft cover books for our Reading Center.


  • Stickers (for papers).


  • Microwave popcorn, as it's still the ultimate party favor during our Celebrations.


  • Paper products - plates, cups, napkins, spoons.


  • Erasers (large or pencil caps).


  • Clean, empty baby wipe containers.


  • Clorox (or any brand) disinfecting wipes (we clean tables daily).


  • Hot!  (Neon Colored) copy paper.