Dear Residents,

I'm Rod Rock, the Superintendent of Clarkston Community Schools.  I am very excited, along with my 1,200 educational colleagues, to serve the 8,200 students in our district. Thank you for welcoming me to your outstanding community.  If I haven't already, I look forward to meeting you, very soon.

Raised in Michigan's thumb, my family of artisans, entrepreneurs, and laborers showed me how to passionately pursue possibilities, willingly listen and learn, take time to attend and notice, and work hard.  My father, who labored for 30 years at GM in
Flint (and worked on the weekends and evenings as a photographer), and my mother, who continues her entrepreneurial spirit to this day, created a very nice life for my older sister and me.  As a father, husband, and educator, I appreciate, every day, the lessons I learned from my parents, and the faithful support of my wife and daughters. I treasure, admire, and love them.

Your children are my children.  Your hopes and dreams for them are my hopes and dreams for them.  I'm confident that, together we will prepare each of our children for whatever eventualities they encounter.

The coalescence of globalization, the digital revolution, and mind/brain research make this a generative time to live and learn.  The decisions we make each day have a lasting impact on who our children become.  In both the private and public sectors, entities that embrace, pursue, and advance these possibilities will lead the way, offering unprecedented learning and living opportunities for students and citizens.  This is the reason I became your Superintendent.  The potential is bounded only by the self-imposed limits of our imagination, will, action, and vision.

As the lead learner of Clarkston Community Schools, I am responsible for the culture of thinking and learning in which our students engage, the capacity of our teachers to teach, and the vision of our lead learners to lead. Without hesitation, I cannot wait to engage, teach, and lead with you, each day.

I will see you in our hallways, classrooms, parking lots, auditoriums, places of worship, businesses, and on our playing fields.  Go Wolves!

Dr. Rod Rock
Superintendent, Clarkston Community Schools