Bowling Questions


  1. Did Mr. W or Emily have a higher score?  Why did this person have a higher score?


Answer:  Emily had the higher score because she got more spares than Mr. W.  Getting spares allows a bowler to get "extra points."


  1. What was Jacob's score?  How many pins did Jacob ACTUALLY knock down?  Why are these two numbers different?


Answer:  Jacob had a score of 174 but he actually only knocked down 111 pins.  Jacob's score is higher than the actually number of pins because getting strikes allows him to get "extra points" from his next two rolls.


  1. What was April's score?  How many pins did April ACTUALLY knock down? 


Answer:  April had a score of 224 but actually only knocked down 110 pins.


  1. Why did April have a higher score than Jacob even though Jacob knocked down more pins?


Answer:  Because April had strikes and spares back to back.  It is important to get good rolls after a strike or a spare in order to as many "extra" points as possible.


Bonus Question


  1. What would April's score be if she got a strike in the 3rd frame instead of a spare?


Answer:  April's score would be 243.  Her score would be 19 points higher just because she got a strike instead of a spare.  (She even knocked down the same number of total pins for the game, but had a higher score!!!)