Young 5’s Information

School Day--8:15-3:35!


Mrs. Leuenhagen/Mrs. Sayyae, Room 206

Office phone:  248-623-4350   Class phone:  248-623-4375

6397 Clarkston Rd.   Email:

Clarkston, MI 48346


Arrival:  Please walk your child down to our hallway at 8:10.  School begins promptly at 8:15.  Please make every effort to bring your child to school on time so that he or she can have the best possible start each day. 

Departure:  At the start of the year, we ask that you meet your child in our hallway at 3:35.  Beginning in October, we will notify you that we will begin to walk them down the hallway and meet you on the playground side of the hall by the main office.  This will allow us to maximize our learning time.  **Kid’s Connection is available for those who need it before or after school for a fee.  Please see the main office for registration information.

At the start of the year, we will ask for your child’s regular pick-up plan.  We will need to know who will pick your child up each day and whether or not he/she will attend Kid’s Connection, the Learning Experience, or other arrangements.  Should this regular plan change at any time, please notify us with a written note the day of the change or just prior.  E-mail is not the best way to notify us of dismissal changes as it is difficult for us to check e-mail during the school day when we are engaged with the children.  For changes that occur unexpectedly, please try our classroom phone or the main office if we cannot be reached.

Absences:  Please call our classroom phone to notify us of an absence.  Daily attendance is important.  However, please refrain from sending a child to school until he/she is fever-free for 24 hours.


Snacks:  A community snack calendar will be sent home monthly for our morning snack.  We have 22 children in our class.  More detailed information will be provided about snack in a separate hand-out and at our Parent Night.  Afternoon snack will be from our “cupboard.” A snack bag will go home each day as a reminder that it is your child’s turn to bring snack the next day.  ** Birthdays are special!  Sweet treats are encouraged on these special days.  Please stick to easy to clean up snacks like Rice Krispie treats, brownies, cookies, etc.

Water Bottles:  Please send a bottle (labeled with your child’s name) filled with water each day.  Milk is not provided during snack time.

Lunch:  You may set up an account to deposit money if you would like to have your child buy hot lunch from time to time.  We eat lunch in the classroom.  Hot lunch is brought in each day from the middle school.  Children may also choose to bring a lunch each day which should include a drink.  More detailed information about lunch will be provided soon.  We strongly suggest for the first two weeks of school that your little ones bring a lunch from home.  With so much change, it simplifies our routine for the children to have brought a lunch and it also comforts them to have some favorite foods from home at this time.  Recess will occur before or after our lunch time.

Rest:  Your child will need a very small blanket for rest time.  He or she may also bring a travel-sized pillow or very small stuffed animal. These will be kept at school and sent home from time to time to be laundered.  Again make sure they are labeled with your child’s name!

Specials:  We will be having Art, Music, and Spanish once a week within our classroom.  PE will occur twice a week in our Large Motor Room.  Please be sure your child has an over-sized shirt labeled with his or her name on the front and back to be kept at school for specials.  It is helpful if he/she has tennis shoes on gym days.



Clothing:  Please send your child dressed ready to play and explore!  A Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name containing an extra shirt, shorts or pants, underwear, and socks is helpful in case of spills or accidents.  Foster your child’s independence by encouraging him/her to begin zipping, buttoning and fastening his or her clothing and outerwear.


Communication:  We will be sending home weekly newsletters to keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in our classroom.  Watch our hallway bulletin board at the start of the day as well for occasional announcements.  We will have an (optional) group email distribution.  This allows me to send you last-minute reminders of upcoming dates or events. 

Ø  Daily folders:  We have blue file folders for our daily communication.  At first the kiddos drop the information inside but they figure it out!  These file folders allow us to easily distribute their mail, slide in oversized Art projects, etc.  It will go back and forth daily even if there it is sent home empty. 

Ø  Homework folders:  From time to time, homework will be sent home in a blue pocket folder.  Typically they will be Show and Tell (oral language) activities but may also include extensions of the themes and activities we are focusing on in class.


Ø  Book Orders:  Book selections are available from Scholastic on-line!  Ordering is strictly optional.  Please check out the selections each month though because Scholastic offers high-interest literature at very reasonable prices.  Your purchase also supports our classroom and allows me to order books for the kiddos too.

***Keep this information in a safe place!  It is a lot to read and consider but may be helpful for future reference.