Supply List for Mrs. Lockwood's Class 2013 - 2014

  Pencil Box

  2 boxes sharpened pencils

  2 thick dry erase markers

  2 glue sticks


  4 composition notebooks

  1 box gallon sized ziplock bags


  1 ½ to 2” Binder with 6 folders.  We will use this to keep our papers organized.  Please label each folder with one of the following subjects; Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Spelling.


  Gym Clothes : 1 oversized t-shirt with child's name written clearly in permanent marker/fabric paint on the front and back.  Decorate if you wish!  One pair of gym shoes with non-marking soles.


  Binder for Music.


Students will have time for a quick energy snack in the morning.  Here are some healthy ideas: fruit, crackers, granola bar, fruit roll up, etc.


The following items are optional:  scissors, markers, colored pencils, ruler, clipboard and crayons.


Please DO NOT send a wheeled or large backpack they will NOT fit in our desks or lockers.


We also need the following supplies for classroom use.  If you would like to donate one or more of the following items, please send it to school with your child.



Glue Sticks


  Extra Snacks

Baby Wipes

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers





Small prizes/rewards


Postage Stamps for postcards