Classroom Expectations


Our class follows and enforces the Clarkston Community School Respect Code.  Students and staff of Clarkston Community Schools have the right to be physically safe, the right to be emotionally safe, and the right to communicate their needs and feelings.

In addition, our classroom follows and enforces the Independence Elementary Levels of Responsibilities.  Students are expected to be at a "Level 3" while on the school's property.  They are expected to behave by following rules and expectations in addition to giving their personal effort.  These levels are supported throughout the school and should be demonstrated daily by your child.  If your child makes the decision to not demonstrate this behavior they will be reminded.  If they continue to not demonstrate a "Level 3" of responsibility they will be sent to the classroom "Think Table", where they will take a time-out to think about what they have been doing.  They will at this time write a note to their parent about what they have been asked to think about.  This gives them the opportunity to regroup through reflection.  The student will take this note home for parent support and to be signed and returned the next school day. 

Students are encouraged to solve their problems by using their words.  We also have class meetings to build community and to solve any classroom problems.  In addition, I practice "Love and Logic" when handling behavior in our classroom.  I truly believe that if you set and maintain high standards that students will meet expectations by being in a safe and supportive environment.

Student Planners

Students are responsible for maintaining their student planner.  Students are expected to copy down information such as due dates, assignments, special activities, and miscellaneous notes.  Students are responsible for taking their planner and mail home every day.  It is their responsibility to share their planner EVERY evening with a parent for review.  The student is then responsible for bringing back their planner every morning to school.  This is your main mode of communication of what your child needs to do every week!