Fri, July 25, 2014

Grading Scale for Math 7 and Algebra


93-100 = A   92-90 = A-  

89-87 = B+    86-83 = B   82-80 = B-

79-77 = C+   76-73 = C     72-70 = C-

69-67 = D+   66-63 = D     62-60 = D-

59-0 = E


Other things to know...

1) Late work is only accepted if the child is/was absent (according to school policy) or if the student completes a HELPING HAND SESSION.

2)  There are times that Quiz Corrections are allowed to help students with their learning (and their grade).  When an option, they are required for grades below a 70% and optional for grades 70% and above.  Students must read or listen to directions carefully because many times "quiz corrections" involve more than correcting the quiz.  They may involve reflection of errors, explanations, or additional problems.

3) Extra credit is EXTREMELY RARE and is only given to entire classes (not individual students).  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity, when offered.  It will always be an extension/challenge above the required course level expectations.  It may bring up a grade a small amount only (maybe from a 89% to an A-).