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Social Studies

Social Studies


While touring the Midwest, America's Heartland, students were excited to share their knowledge of Michigan, The Great Lakes, and our neighboring states.  Students wrote about The Pictured Rocks, The Soo Locks, The Mackinac Bridge, Detroit's involvement in World War II, and changes to the automotive industry.  Students wrote about South Dakota's Mount Rushmore National Memorial and Crazy Horse of the Black Hills. Students wrote about Little Bighorn River in Montana and the battle when Custer attacked a group of Sioux. Students shared the importance of farming and the types of crops grown in the Midwest states.  Of course, many of the students visited the Mall of America in Minnesota and The Lego Store in Chicago!

Students enjoyed learning about the Northeast!  Students shared their trip experiences and the sites they chose to visit.  They identified the big ideas they discovered about the birthplace of our nation.  Students recognized, after visiting Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, that the American Revolution began in Boston and Philadelphia is where Americans first declared our independence from Great Britain.  Students noticed how the population of states grew and how it affected the ways people live.  Students noticed how the coastal states used water for fishing, boating, and transportation.  Students noticed immigrants from Europe came to New York by ship and neighborhoods developed.  They noticed the importance of government and how it developed.  They visited businesses and factories and recognized the importance of their production and use of canals and railroads to move goods to customers. 

Students completed their studies of the Southeast too.  Students learned about the development of the SE and that Jamestown, Virginia was England's First American Colony.   Students learned about the natural resources there, from coal mining in Appalachia, to cotton and citrus crops, to the importance of the Mississippi River and how ships transport goods.  Students learned about oil in the Gulf of Mexico and the importance of the Everglades National Park.  Students learned about the culture and influence of the "blues" music of Tennessee and the French influenced jazz that impacted New Orleans, Louisiana.  Students also learned Cape Canaveral houses the JFK Space Center in Florida, which is just as entertaining as the beaches of Miami.  

NOW they are researching to learn about the west. 

 Fourth graders will learn about-

  • Michigan - geography, history, economy, government
  • Federal Government - discovering the social sciences
  • Exploring Regions of the United States - population, effects of geography on life, agricultural changes, and water use