M. Laing - Team 6A Science
Science Book


The 6th grade science department is looking for professionals in Earth Science to share their knowledge and experiences with students. If you are a geologists, geoscientist, paleontologist, soil scientist or in a similar profession, please contact Mrs. Laing at 249-623-4268 to volunteer your time to enrich student learning. 

To access the student text book, you may use any of the listed usernames and passwords.


Username: fhour48 Password:r4x8n

Username: fhour47 Password: r4y9p

Username: shour37 Password: x9t8y

The 6th grade units of study include: Investigative Questioning, The Scientific Method, Lab Safety, Earth's History, Earth's Composition, Tectonic Plates, Rocks and Minerals, The Rock Cycle, Soil, The Organization of Living Things and Matter and Energy. 

Students will explore topics and present their findings in many ways. Students are expected to share their thinking and observations about each of the topics of study.