Thu, July 31, 2014


Education starts at home. For success, the teacher, child, and parent must communicate and work together. Here are a few suggestions to help your child succeed.

  • Please check your child's planner. Make sure that he/she is bringing it to school and filling it out each day. Everyday, I write on the board what your child should write in his/her planner. It is expected that students are responsible enough to write this. If your child needs a new planner, a replacement may be purchased in the office.
  • Make sure that your child has the necessary supplies for the class and brings them everyday
  • Encourage your child to re-take quizzes when this option is available.
  • Look at your child's grades regularly for the class. If there is ever a concern, please don't hesitiate to contact me,Wendy Osterman. I want your child to succeed! You will find a link to e-mail me on my home page. Email is my preferred method of communication.  If you choose to call, please know that I will not discuss a child if any other students or adults are in my room.  Therefore, I may need to return your call.


Following is a link you may find helpful along with a paper written for one of my grad classes.  Both provide suggestions that may be implemented at home to help with classroom management.