Classroom Rules: Show respect for me, for your peers, and for the classroom. Be on time. Bring all materials to class daily. Have a positive attitude. Attendance: Attendance procedures will be followed as stated in the student handbook. Homework and Assignment Policy: For long range assignments, which we will be working on, an absence does not grant you an extension. If you miss a day, you are still held to the same deadline. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed while you were out. I have made this very easy for you by creating the “Student Work” section of the room. There you will find a sheet of paper outlining what was done each day and all handouts which are located in the bins underneath. If you are going to be absent for a vacation or some other reason that you know of ahead of time, you will have to make up your work when you return. Assignments that are LESS THAN 50 points in value will not be accepted late under any circumstance. Assignments that are MORE THAN 50 points in value may be submitted UP TO ONE DAY after the due date (e.g. if it was originally due on Tuesday, you may turn it in on Wednesday). However, a 50% point reduction will be taken from the EARNED grade. This 50% loss in points will be based on the POINTS POSSIBLE. For example, assume that an assignment is worth up to 100 points. You turn it in a day late, and receive an 85/100. Because it is late, 50 points will be taken from the 85, leaving you with a grade of 35/100. Organization: Each of you will need to keep a folder with all of your work. Occasionally I make mistakes with grading and the only way to correct any mistake is by showing me your paper with the grade on it. If you have thrown it away, you cannot do this! Class Structure: Only two passes (bathrooms, drink, etc) are allowed each trimester. Only use them when necessary because when they are gone they are gone! Additionally, you will not be written passes unless you have YOUR planner for me to sign. If you do not use either of your passes for the trimester, you will receive extra credit points when I calculate your trimester grade. Guest Teachers: When I am not here, I expect you to be on your BEST behavior. The substitute teacher will be in charge in my absence. If a substitute teacher reports you, upon my return, I will have a conference with you and decide on further disciplinary action. Supplies: Everyday you will be expected to bring a pen/pencil, writer's notebook, paper, planner, and a folder for your papers. I do not supply pens/pencils. I have colored pencils, markers, glue, and some scissors that you may use as long as these items get put away when you are finished. You must have your planner for bathroom/locker passes. If you are not bringing your planner to class, you are most likely not using it and will not be written passes. I also encourage everyone to bring in a box of Kleenex to contribute to the classroom supply. This is not a requirement, but it would be appreciated since I cannot supply tissues to 150 kids for an entire year. Grading: I will be using the following grading scale to compute your grades: A=92.5-100, A-=89.5-92.4, B+=86.5-89.4, B=82.5-86.4, B-=79.5-82.4, C+=76.5-79.4, C=72.5-76.4, C-=69.5-72.4, D+=66.5-69.4, D=62.5-66.4, D-=59.5-62.4, E=59.4-0 Each trimester grades will be calculated as follows for 9th grade: The trimester grade is worth 80%. The final exam is worth 20%.