Kudos for CATS!

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Kudos to C.A.T.S.

Connecting Academics Through Service


Letter from the Oakland Pet Adoption Center 2009

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SchoolCenter PictureA letter from Vinny! 2010SchoolCenter Picture

I wanted to thank you for the really great goodie bag I got when I went to my new home!  The picture on the bag was beautiful and the card was really cool and made me and Miss Mary smile!  She has them hanging on the door in the kitchen!  She is the lady I live with now and it's pretty good except she's always petting me and making me go for walks!  The bone you gave me was really great!  It's my favorite.  I have enclosed a picture of me with it in the dining room of my new house.  I like hanging out there while Miss Mary is working in the kitchen or her office because I can keep an eye on her.  You know, she's in the kitchen a lot and likes to cook.  Do you think you could send the recipe of those really awesome treats the 4th graders made to her?Thank you for making me feel so special about being adopted.  Sometimes it's scary starting a new advetnrue but you made it really easy!


 SchoolCenter PictureA letter from Buddy 2010SchoolCenter Picture

 We are Dan and Wendy from Ann Arbor and we recently adopted a dog from the Oakland County Animal Shelter.  We were delighted to find a welcome packet which contained a note from you!  Thank you for making us such a nice welcome note when we adopted our new dog, Buddy.  Buddy is his new name, he used to be called Marvin.  We've included a picture so you can see him in his new home.  He seems to be very happy herer and he has 1 doggy brother, 1 kitty brother, and 2 kitty sisters.  He is still learning to like the kittens.  Thank you again for helping us welcome Buddy to his new home.  It was very nice of you and your classmates to make notes for people who adopted pets from the shelter!

A letter from Clifford 2010

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"My family would like to thank the entire class for the supply bag and picture that the class made for the Oakland County Animal Shelter.  Our family adopted Clifford from the shelter and he has been a great addition to our home. 



A letter from 2010 State Senator Michael Bishop

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"I want to take this opporunity to personally thank each of you for the Connecting Academics Through Service (C.A.T.S.) calendar.  I enjoyed looking at all the entertaining pet pictures.  As a state senator, I applaud your commitment to service, specifically your willingness to participate in your school's upcoming events that help the Oakland Pet Adoption Center.  This experience will undoubtedly teach you and other community members valuable life lessons. 

Letter from Layla: Spring 2009

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This month I brought a dog home to her forever home.  I named her Laya and she is a gorgeous Enlgish Springer Spanel.  She wags that little tail of hers so fast that her whole rear end wiggles!  Her nickname could be wiggle butt!  When we were checking out they gave us a doggie bag.  Guess what?  You made it!  Yu made a great bag and I love3 dogs too.  The card is extra special too.  Layle of course loves the treats and the toy.  Here are some pictures of her so you can see who enjoyed the doggie bag you made.  She now has name tags and a microchip.  If she ever gets lost again, anyone who finds her can help her find her way home again.  Puppy dog kisses to you from Layla. 

SchoolCenter Picture2010 Letter from Oakland Pet Adoption Center

"All of us here at teh Oakland Pet Adoption Center would like to thank you for your generous donations to the Animal Shelter.  You generosity always blows us away and we look forward to our yearly visits.  Just remember that you have made a difference in the life of an abandoned animal"

SchoolCenter Picture2010 Letter from Oakland Pet Adoption Center

"All of us here at the Oaland Pet Adoption Center would like to thank you and all of the students and staff for the genrous donation throught the C.A.T. S program.  We appreciate all of the love and hard work that went into everything that was made and collected.  It is charitable people such as your selves that make the animals stay here a little brighter and more comfortable with awaiting adoption".


SchoolCenter Picture A Note from Super Duty! 

Hello!  My name is Super Duty, and my friend is Miss Cuddles.  We both just wanted to say Thank You for teh wonderful Cat Adoption Goodie Bags you made for the Oakland Pet Adoption Center.  Those kits really helped our new owners make us feel welcome in our new home.  It feels real good knowing that there are kids (and teachers) that are concerned about homeless animals. We know your thoughtfulness will be a blessing to many pets and their new families.

SchoolCenter PictureA Christmas Card from  Vincent!SchoolCenter Picture

December 2011

We adopted "Vincenct" formerly known as "Chester" from Oakland Pet Adoption Center on June 18, 2010.  He came home with a "gift" bag made by a first grader in the class of 2010.  Vincent is a wonderful dog who has broght immeasuerable joy to our lives.  Our thanks for all you do for the homelss pets at Oakland Pet Adoption- yuor efforts made a difference!



SchoolCenter Picture  April 30, 2008 Clarkston News Article

SchoolCenter Picture May 28, 2008 Letter to the Editor of the Clarkston News

SchoolCenter Picture January 2009 Michigan Community Service Commision Article

2008 Student Quotes:
"This was the greatest day of my life!  I love learning, and I love helping animals.  This was the best day ever!"  Gavin Goik, 1st grader

"We made cat toys to give to the animal shelter on CATS DAY.  It was really good to know we were helping animals".  Alicia Shiff, 3rd grader