Classroom Rules and Expectations
The Rules of the Game
(what's expected in P.E.)
Students are expected to enter the gym for class by walking quietly to their squad spot or designated location.
Students are required to come to class ready to participate. They need to have gym/tennis shoes, and a gym shirt with their name printed on the front and back. For safety's sake, any student who comes to class without proper shoes will have to sit out of activities. Students who are ill or injured and have a doctors note will be excused from P.E.
Students will always keep their hands and feet to themselves. Some games and activities will include some physical contact, but in general each student has the right to his or her own personal space.
Students will treat each other with respect and participate in all activities with good sportsmanship while in the gym.
Students are expected to be be active and attentive listeners, using both their eyes and ears when the teacher or someone else is talking.
Students will raise their hands to ask questions or comment during instruction and activity.
Students will use equipment properly. We don't have a lot of equipment, so what we do have must be taken care of.
Before leaving the gym, students must ask permission to be excused.
Both for safety and security, students who wear jewelry to school (earrings that dangle or other loose jewelry) should leave jewelry in their classroom or locker before class so that nothing is lost or broken as they play.
Students are expected to try their best, work hard, and most importantly have fun!