Bailey Lake Elementary students have music class on (all day) Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday morning. My phone access is 248-623-5321. Let's ring the music room with CD's!  If you have old CD's you would like to get rid of, please consider donating them to the music room.  We would like to make a CD border around the room!

Kindergarten students have been learning singing games and working on steady beats.  Ask your kindergarten student about recording our voices singing "Down By the Bay"!  We celebrate birthdays at the beginning of each month and learn seasonal songs. 

First Grade students: First graders meet on Monday afternoon or Tuesday for our curriculum driven music class.  We have learned "Keep a song in your Pocket" that we sing as we come into music each week.  Ask your first grader about recording our voices in music class with "Oh, My!"  Our birthday celebration song is a song written by Mrs. Reed with some Dr. Seuss words!  We are working on being diligent on keeping steady beats and learning about melodies. 

Second Grade students have music on Monday.  We are learning about melody.  Our first music book has some really neat songs in it.  Beginning in January, we will spend 6 weeks visiting music centers.  Each center will have its own activity:  making a drum or maraca, writing music for the drum and maraca, rehearsing songs for the upcoming performance. March 20, 2012 is our 2nd grade performance in the cafeteria, beginning at 7:00.  ALSO, if you have any canisters (with tops) that you would like to donate for our second grade music centers to make into drums, please stop them by the music room!  Plastic or metal coffee cans (with lids) are make really neat sounds.

Third Grade students have music on Monday or Tuesday morning.  We are learning the 4 different families of instruments.

Fourth Grade students have music Monday or Tuesday morning.  Each week, fourth graders have the opportunity to earn a music "buck" by completing their assignment for music class.  These assignments are accomplished in music class, so the hardest thing about completion is remembering to bring it back next week!  If your student is absent on any music day, the extra assignments are just outside the music room door.  Students know that the extra pages are in the binder on the table in the hallway.  They also know that it is their responsibility to pick up an extra if they have missed one for any reason and I will look it over when they return to class. 

Fifth Graders have music on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning.  We are singing and playing (on recorder) songs from around the world.  On February 7, we will showcase our music with a grand patriotic theme. A HUGE thank you to our PTA for supplying a high quality recorder for each 5th grade student!