Hello and Welcome to CHS! Here are some quick biographical tidbits about me:

- This is my 19th year at CHS!

- Graduated from CMU - Go Chips!

- Masters of Arts in Humanities from CMU also.

- Married to Dave who is an engineer and operations manager at American Expedition Vehicles - www.aev-conversions.com

-We had our first child, a son named Nicholas, on June 4, 2010!  After many years of trying an heartbreak, we are grateful for this miracle!

- We were blessed with a second son named Benjamin, on August 1, 2012!  This was another miracle!

- We have several Jeeps, tractors and a plane  (My husband earned his pilot's license three years ago!) to keep us occupied with many projects.

- Grew up in the small Thumb town of Harbor Beach where my graduating class was only 100.

- I have four brothers - 3 older and 1 younger.

- Grew up on a dairy farm, so I know how to milk cows, drive a tractor and do lots of chores!

- Mom is a retired elementary teacher!

- Dad is a retired dairy farmer who still raises steers for freezer beef.

- 4 Nieces and Nephews who are in working in Marketing, going to college at CMU, and Ferris and a new Marine.

- Very active in the music program at my church - handbell choir, choir - piano accompanist, Contemporary Worship Team singer/accompanist, and substitute organist. 

 I love teaching, and I try to have a life outside of school too!  I love reading and writing, playing piano, watching movies, rooting for the Tigers, mowing the lawn and now most of my life is caring for our precious sons!