Welcome PopTarts!


Hello! My name is Bethany Rocho and I teach 4th grade at Bailey Lake Elementary School. I want to share with you a little bit about my background and who I am. 

I attended Hartland High School and graduated in 1999. I prepared for my teaching career by attending Michigan State University. GO GREEN!  I earned a Masters degree (from MSU) in August 2007, with an intense focus on Curriculum and Teaching. This is my eighth year teaching and I am proud to be working at Bailey Lake Elementary. I have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful students and a truly dedicated staff.    

I have always wanted to be a teacher since I can remember last. I love working with children! I believe I am making a contribution to the future every day. 

My peers often call me outgoing and funny. I am a huge MSU fan, which I am sure your child has already mentioned. My students might add the word demanding. They're right! My goal is to create a safe, welcoming & challenging classroom environment that will have your child looking forward to learning each day we meet.

On June 18, 2010, I got married! Some of you may even know who my husband is... It's Mr. Rocho! He used to teach Health here at BLE, but he now works as a counselor at Sashabaw Middle School. Our wedding was everything we had hoped for. The same week we got married, we bought our first home in downtown Clarkston, right behind The Village Cafe (The smells in our backyard are mouthwatering!). We live so close to friends, work, and good food (haha, we love The Union and Woodshop, and who doesn't love The Bake Shop?!). We have enjoyed every bit of 'downtown' living and enjoy giving back to our community members.

I have two older brothers, Jeff who is married with two daughters (Morgan and Payton) and Bob who is married with one daughter (Haley). My three nieces are very special people in my life. I have a dog that I love very much. Mahaila is a rescue dog who makes me smile everyday!

I enjoy biking, practicing yoga, boating, snowboarding, rollerblading, running, and attending all types of sporting events. More than anything, I like to spend time with my friends and family. Being with my students is a close second!


Here are some pictures that will help you get to know me... ENJOY!


A perfect couple =)


Visiting Breckenridge, Colorado was such a fun experience. Check out the huge mountains in the background!


My mom and dad are very special to me!


My mom is one of my best friends!


My older brothers used to pick on me... but not anymore.

My brother Bob is on the left and Jeff is on the right.


Morgan and Payton, my nieces, are so special to me!


My brother Jeff, my sister-in-law Kelley, and my beautiful nieces, Morgan & Payton.


My niece Haley is such a sweetie. She looks just like my brother Bob.


Haley and I enjoy some special time together on the slide!


Mr. Rocho poses for a picture with his parents. We love them so much and feel lucky that we get to see them in Michigan for 6 months of the year, and the other 6 months, we get to visit them in Hawaii!


Look at this face... what a sweetie! Mahaila is a great dog.


Mahaila loves getting hugs from me!


Girls Night Out... Mrs. Taseski and I enjoy a night watching the Pistons.


My best friend Kelly and I enjoy seeing each other whenever we can. She lives in California but plans to move home in June 2013. I can't wait!


Kelly and I saw this chair up north around Lake Leelanau. It's the biggest lawn chair we have ever seen!


Kelly loves her new dog Tahla.


Another one of my best friends,

Kristin and I love each other to pieces!


I have another dear friend in my life who is a Kristen. I have known her since my days at MSU. We love our time together~ Go Tigers!!!


Friends forever!


Mrs. Grow and I are great friends both in school and out.


Mr. Rocho and I visited Glacier National Park with some close friends of ours this past summer. We spent most of our time backpacking and camping in the backcountry. WOW, what an experience!


On our last day in Glacier National Park, we took a beautiful hike and saw some breathtaking views.


Spring Break 2008- Breckenridge, Colorado

Mr. Rocho and I spent a day on the slopes with my brother Bob and his wife Jodi.


In summer of 2007, I visted Lake Cumberland (Kentucky) for a wakeboard/houseboat trip with some friends. It was beautiful!

Click on the play button to see me land my first wake-to-wake jump on Greens Lake in Clarkston! WOO HOO!


In Lake Cumberland, we rode a zip-line down a cliff... what a blast!


In May 2010, I ran my first marathon (26.2 miles) in Traverse City, MI. I crossed the finish line with a smile!


Visiting the island of Oahu (Hawaii) is a favorite vacation spot of mine.


The view from the Rocho family cabin window at sunrise. Breathtaking!


While I visit the cabin, I sometimes sneak away for an evening beach walk with Mr. Rocho and our dog. Lake Michigan is so beautiful!